The busy bee behind Humblebeez

Alex from Humblebeez

Hi, I am Alex! I create handcrafted artisan bonbons from my small kitchen in London. I am using the freshest ingredients I can find and I don’t add any preservatives.

Humblebeez was born to create sweets that are clean, made with high quality, fresh ingredients. Some of the coloured cocoa butter I am using to paint the moulds (that’s how I get them so shiny 😉) is coloured naturally with extracts from different fruit, veg and plants. I am working on replacing all the colours that we are using with natural colorants, free from all those nasty Es we see everywhere.

I paint, fill, cap and carefully pack every bonbon with a lot of love and a nice bow on top.

I am originally from Romania and came to London 5 years ago to train as a pastry chef. I have been blessed to work alongside some of the greatest pastry chefs in London who taught me a great deal about life and patisserie.

Working for high-end restaurants and hotels is not always a piece of cake; you work 65-75 hours/ week in a stressful and high pressure environment that sometimes leaves you feeling empty and unable to find joy in the little time off that you have. As time passed, all of this added up and I was ready to quit and try a career change when I met an amazing, kind and very talented pastry chef who introduced me to the world of chocolate sculptures, novelty pieces and…bonbons. It changed my world. Chocolate brought colour, happiness and a purpose into my life again.

As the hospitality industry took an amazing hit because of Covid, I (like so many ) lost my job. I decided to launch my own little shop.

With the help and incredible support of my amazing fiancé (the Tech Guru behind all things digital, my trusted taster and my rock in troubled waters) I only hope that we can bring smiles and happiness to as many (now masked) faces as we can 🤗